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Saving History

Race Against Time to Preserve the Past!

Saving History

Medora, a historic town rich with heritage, is under the looming threat of devastating wildfires. As the flames inch closer, you've been given the order to evacuate. But there's a twist - you have just 60 minutes to locate and secure a critical piece of history before making your escape. This isn't just a race against time, it's a race to preserve the past. 'Saving History' combines the thrill of a daring escape with a unique historical narrative and the raw elements of fire and North Dakota's rugged landscape. As Breakout's inaugural escape room, it's an experience not to be missed. It's also our easiest experience. With room for eight participants, it's time to gather your team and make history!

Difficulty: 1/5

4-8 Players - completely private, no strangers.

60-Minute Adventure

From: $27 Per Person

Details About Your Adventure

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