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Treasure Hunters

Unearth Hidden Riches: Embark on a Thrilling Treasure Hunting Adventure!

Treasure Hunters

Meet Mr. Magnus, a magnate with a vast fortune and no one to inherit it. In a twist of fate, he's chosen to conceal his wealth, transforming it into a treasure waiting to be discovered. But time is of the essence – if the treasure remains undiscovered, it will fall into the hands of the government. The challenge beckons: decipher the clues and unearth the hidden fortune before the sands of time run out. Offering an immersive experience that combines intrigue, mystery, and excitement. With room for eight, gather your team and step into a world where fortune favors the bold!

Difficulty: 3/5

4-8 Players - completely private, no strangers.

60-Minute Adventure

From: $27 Per Person

Details About Your Adventure

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